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Who are we?

The best domestic service agency in the world

Domestika International, is a comprehensive and current domestic service agency, according to the times we live in and the needs that the day to day raises. We offer solutions for individuals, families and home and pets.

Our agency is made up of a multidisciplinary team withtraining and experience in the various aspects of the services we offer. Entrepreneurs, psychologists, trainers and lawyers. And also mothers, fathers, children and family members who value time and the freedom, know-how and the peace of mind of trusting responsible and honest people.

Selection, Training and Professionalization

Our selection process as a domestic service agency sets us apart from others not only because we are rigorous in choosing valid candidates, but because we are the only agency that forms candidates who already have such important qualities as education, discretion, good looks, or friendliness.

We pursue the professionalization of a growing sector that is increasingly demanding. We value only the best and reward them by qualifying them for the best job offers.

We know how important it is to have reliable domestic staff. Delegating the care of your loved ones and the responsibility of the home is only possible when you have all the security guarantees that we at Domestika International offer.

Impeccable Management

We offer a reliable service and excellent quality management. Domestika International takes care of all the paperwork and document management. Reputation, Our rising value. Our candidates' background has a complete description of their skills, their most important personal traits, and a comprehensive description of the reputation they have among their previous employers.

All our services have continuity and constant monitoring. As a domestic service agency we guarantee excellence in the service offered. Professionalism and high training in the performance of those functions and knowledge required. Professional people, with high motivation for their work and vocation of service.

Our job is to provide quality time and wellness for you and yours. Thanks to our efforts, we achieve our daily goal: to get the right choice of what each client needs for their home . We are proud to be a great team and it is a pleasure to share our professionalism and know-how with our clients.

La Technology is our best ally : A competent data base, the follow-up of our workers through traceability tools and the convenience of selecting workers who do not have to suffer expensive displacements thanks to Geolocation tools, make us the best ally for families.

Our mission is that "every house is a happy and organized house", providing a complete solution to help you


Vision and Values

Our goal is to provide a high quality professional service, close and personalized. We find the ideal and perfect candidate for every home and every need. We make your life and well-being easier by offering you solutions for all kinds of needs, personalising the services 100%.

We give you the peace of mind of leaving the care of your home or family in the best hands. We want to convey that trust. We know how important it is to know that your children and family are well cared for. We know that delegating the care and responsibilities of a home requires, above all, trust. That is why our domestic service agency guarantees that you can delegate care to those closest to you in peace.

Domestika International has become a reference in the selection of personnel for the homes of thousands of families.


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