Old People's Home

Domestic Service, Geriatric Service, Nightly Accompaniment.

Our selection of elderly care oriented staff takes into account the professional qualifications of our candidates. Among them we will find nursing or geriatric professionals with a guarantee of proven experience.

Only Doméstika International has powerful digital tools that will help us monitor the work of the people who are in the care of our loved ones. These tools will make it easy for us to obtain a report, keep track of their diet or medication and above all, keep track of their state of mind.

At Domestika International we offer a rofessional and specialized service for caregivers of the elderly, sick and elderly.

Now it's our turn, it's our chance to show them that we love them and want the best for them. Elderly care values that our caregivers have an express qualification as nurses or nursing assistants or geriatrics and certainly a long experience tested and confirmed by families with a similar education to yours.

Specialized training is important in dealing with older people, but so is a good attitude, patience, knowing how to show love, respect and deference. Our home-based elderly care providers will offer a caring , humane and possibly entertaining and enriching service. We know you want to give your parents the best. Let's try to get them through this stage in the most comfortable, enjoyable and entertaining way.

Doméstika International should not only stop at the merely professional qualities. Dealing with seniors also requires certain personal skills. Every elderly carer working at Domestika International, in addition to proven experience in this work and preferably in geriatric institutions, must have an affable character, the necessary patience and a way of being warm that makes the elderly person she cares for feel happy and in good hands.

We also offer the possibility of COURSES and COACHING so that older people can spend their time enjoying new hobbies or activities that will awaken new passions in them. Interest in art, crafts, motors, cinema, cooking, we can help them spend their time in rewarding and stimulating activities and meet other people who share their same interests and concerns.

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