House Protocol

  • Internal, External
  • Maid, Butler
  • Domestic Marriages
  • Chef
  • Driver
  • Personal Assistant

Always bearing in mind the general skills required, this profile of employees will be more oriented towards cleanliness, protocol and detail in the performance ofdomestic tasks. Usually this profile is more sought after in the case of families without children or with older or independent children. The domestic employees for this type of household, are more involved in cleaning, more elaborate cooking or ironing and care of the most delicate clothes. It is also important to attend to visitors, receive calls, deal with guests or even perform personal assistance functions.


We offer expert driving staff, with basic knowledge of mechanics to always have the cars ready, we credit the previous and proven experience to ensure the safety of the transfers. And it is obvious that our candidates are in possession of the relevant and valid driving licences.

On the other hand, the driver will have excellent knowledge of routes, streets and accesses. As well as alternative and street routes in the cities where he or she moves.

Personal Assistant:

A professional who will manage your agenda, deal with suppliers, manage tenants, control expenses and collections, organize events or make reservations for flights, hotels or activities for you or your family. No matter what you need. Domestika International 's assistants will make your life run efficiently, with detail and punctuality.

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